Three tips for better storage in your residential property

By Jade Gropler

No matter how hard you try, the problem of accumulating junk is always something we battle throughout life. Things like your kids’ school memorabilia, photo albums, CDs and DVDs are all items that seem to almost appear out of nowhere.

But keeping all of these possessions can lead to storage problems, especially if your slice of real estate doesn’t have much built-in storage already.

If you find that your home is looking a tad messy, you might want to think about adding some extra storage. This is also a crucial step if you’re listing houses for sale. Being able to walk from one side of the room to another without knocking things over at open inspections is definitely a plus.

Staircase shelves and cupboards

Multi-level properties can have a lot of wasted space under the stairs. Instead of leaving this as a hollow space in the wall, install some pull-out drawers or cupboards so you have extra room. Pull-out drawers can easily hide the fact you have storage there, but you could also opt for open cubbyholes along the staircase. This can become a unique focal point for the room where you can display pictures, vases and other objects.

You can also add shelves on top of your stairs if you’ve got enough room. Wide staircases can accommodate cubed storage to give you an area to store shoes, books, schoolbags or other daily essentials.

Think up

Got room in the roof? Or perhaps heaps of unused space above your head in the garage? Instead of leaving these areas unused, turn them into functional storage spaces.

You could opt to renovate your home to add attic storage, or for a simpler option, install some overhead racks in your garage.

You can also take some time to look at your current storage and how you’re using it. Try to think vertically and utilise as much space as possible. Stack things on top of each other and use vacuum bags for things like linen and clothing.

Make storage a feature

Storage furniture doesn’t have to be hidden away. In fact, it can become an attractive feature in your room. Picture shelves filled with books that have been sorted by colour, or colour themed cubbyholes in the living room.

Just remember to keep these areas well-styled and coordinated, otherwise they might end up looking messy.

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